Our values

Holidays with a mind at rest, it's for you, it's there.

Les Carlines is a holiday camp for all those, who like us, believe that today we can live better together.

  • A community village since things do not boil down to profits
  • A village which steadily promotes values like sharing, exchange and solidarity.
  • An environmently friendly village, which sorts its waste and runs on renewable energy.

Do you share our values?
Come and share our pleasures and our fits of giggles: you will see that the effect of your holidays at the Les Carlines village will last long after your departure!

See you soon...

The Karellis

Les KarellisThis entirely associative resort plays its part to the full where generosity is concerned. Everywhere here, you participate in a holiday model that is respectful towards man and nature.

Festivals, entertainment, downhill skiing, ively atmosphere, hiking footpaths, snowshoeing, etc. and not a single shareholder to hike up the price !

The Karellis is a family holiday resort par excellence. Here everything is done to so that children and their parents can have a great holiday in the mountains.

Famille PlusThe "Family plus" label is a guarantee that your family holiday will be a real success.

Ski rental, boutiques, restaurants, bars, cinema, auditorium, discotheque, post office, automated teller machine, health centre, free parking.

Forget about your car during your stay as the resort is entirely pedestrian.

Our Association

Accueil & PromotionAccueil & Promotion is a non-profit Association created in 1966 whose purpose is to fight against the processes which lead to all forms of social exclusion, to enable men and women of all origins to have an emergency, integration, residential and leisure roof.

It manages institutions and departments which practise missions of general interest under the accreditation of public authorities: the state, territorial collectivities, accredited organisations and institutions. Thus we implement our socio-educational and global social integration activities through temporary housing or accompanied accommodation.

Through the development of a global approach, our institutions act on all levers which contribute to the socialisation of the accommodated public: employment, training, health, cultural exposure, citizenship, etc.

Accueil & Promotion is :

  • 36 institutions and departments
  • 14 geographical sites
  • 238 employees
  • More than 3 000 members
  • For the social housing/integration sector: a capacity of 1 380 rooms and 2 800 persons hosted per year
  • For the social tourism sector: a capacity of 300 beds and 5 000 persons hosted per year

36 institutions and departments

Ethic Etapes

It is a change from tourism

Ethic EtapesThe Les Carlines holiday camp is part of the Ethic etapes network regrouping organisations of the social economy which have in common the ongoing defence and application of values around social meetings, exchanges and intermingling.

These non-profit centres follow a philosophy of sustainable development and strong commitment with respect to environment friendliness.

Signed by all centres, the quality charter covers housing, catering, cultural and sports activities, safety and compliance with legislation. It also certifies the presence of qualified staff which is motivated by its mission to welcome.

Sustainable development

The layout of the holiday camp in the midst of nature drives us to daily protect the latter and add value to it in the long range. The sustainable development approach is thus based on the following priorities :


  • Electricity : eco-compensated to 100 %
  • Implementation of a system of water and electricity consumption watch
  • Installation of energy-saving light-bulbs
  • Installation of aerators in bathrooms
  • Policy of purchasing low consumption equipment

MascotteAn active policy of selective sorting and reduction of wastes

  • Selective sorting of waste: paper, cardboard, batteries, plastic, glass, etc.  Installation of special dustbins, raising awareness.
  • Composting of organic waste with an "industrial compost maker"
  • Bread collected and offered to a farmer and to the educational farm
  • Control of the production of waste: replacement of plastic bottles with carafes
  • Water in the conference rooms, reuse of rough paper and reduction of packaging

An eco-friendly purchase policy

  • Hiring of suppliers favouring short distribution channels (meat, wine, etc.)
  • Promoting the use of products that are less harmful to the environment and safer for handling
  • "Green" day, without meat
  • Tea and coffee from the fair trade channel

MascotteRaising awareness among our holiday makers and staff

  • Holding of events enabling the discovery of the natural surroundings (nature strolls, soup tureen hikes, plant workshops, nature fairs, organic vegetable garden, etc.)
  • The whole team (kitchen, maintenance, reception, etc.) is part of the "eco-attitude" approach.

Social Activities

  • Promote intermingling
  • Offer quality holidays to as many as people as possible.
  • Provide staff and part-timers with optimal conditions of work (safety, lodging, loyalty).