Babies 3 months to 2 years old


Make the most of a secure structure and supervision so that your baby may fully enjoy its first holidays.

Activities for the arousal of the senses, games, music, strolls, baby gym, painting, quiet times or nap with their favourite cuddly blankets within a secure, colourful and friendly atmosphere.
Everyone can enjoy their  holidays in the mountains!!!

An equipped playroom, a room for naps and an early childhood catering space organised by  qualified staff. These premises remain open 24 hours a day to enable parents to look after their children night and day.

The coordinators of the Baby club welcome children from Monday morning to Saturday noon

Have a look at our Baby-Club Educational Project

Children 3/6 and 7/11 years old

Discovery and fun
Games, the senses, arts, science, sports, etc.


A real educational project has been implemented by the best of Les Carlines village camp coordinators to enable your children to discover the fauna and flora of our mountains,  exchange and share unforgettable moments among friends around great outdoor games and freely take advantage of the Karellis resort's themed activities, including circus skills, theatre, kites, sports, music, nature discovery, strolls and great shows.

The Children's Club is open from Monday to Saturday until noon.

  • Evening snacks are included in the price of your stay.
  • The programme of activities is compatible with adults' activities and events.

Have a look at our Children's Educational Project



They are not children any more nor are they adults... they are now "childults"
Our coordinators organise their meetings...

Olympiads, Team sports, Mountain biking, Inter-village meetings, Picnics, Bivouacs, Great evening games, Discotheques (reserved for teenagers), etc.

Holidays to remember, supervised by our team of coordinators