Forgotten items, unforeseen circumstances… don’t be taken by surprise! Some useful advice to get everything ready, organise yourself and enjoy your holiday to the full

Forget about the plastic bathtub, changing mat or travel cot; the centre is fully equipped.

During the journey, regularly give babies a feeding bottle or  dummy to enable them, through the sucking action, to counter the rise in eardrum pressure due to the change in altitude.

Once the journey is over, you have reached your destination safely and the holiday is ready to start, it is always useful to remember that :

In summer

  • you never expose a child less than 1 year old to direct sunlight.
  • do not forget to pack a sun hat or a peaked cap, sun glasses, sunblock sunscreen and a sleep suit for the cooler nights
  • for a stroll, favour a baby carrier in preference to a pram

In winter

  • For strolls on foot, dress your baby with warm clothing from head to foot (bonnet, hood, mittens, etc.)